Bourgoin Verjus 2.5 pH (75cl)


BOURGOIN VERJUS is used in cooking by the greatest chefs. BOURGOIN VERJUS is handcrafted in the heart of the village of Tarsac (9km west of Angoulême) on the Bourgoin family vineyard: 25ha of TREBBIANO BIANCO grape variety in Biocontrol, density 2750 feet/ha. BOURGOIN VERJUS is used in the kitchen as well as at the bar as an ecological and local substitute for lemon (because lemon is not as green as one might think, imported at 80% from Mexico, the carbon footprint of lemon is heavy. Note that verjuice is the historical acidifier of Western Europe, citrus fruits will only be imported from Judea in the 12th century after the Second Crusade. UNFILTERED, a slight deposit may be present at the bottom of the bottle. WITHOUT ADDED SULFITES, keep in a cool place after opening to preserve any risk of alcoholic fermentation.

Acid grape juice. Date of minimum duration: 3 years.

Bourgoin Verjus 2.5 pH (75cl)

BOURGOIN VERJUS is a traditional culinary acidifier made naturally from green grapes.

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