Cognac XO Microbarrel 1998 43%vol (bottle of 35cl)


The maturing of this cognac was completed by a short finishing in 10-liter micro-barrels previously burned for 55 seconds with a touching flame (crocodile heating). Objective: to use the carbon layer previously formed by this innovative process to capture certain aldehydes and thus obtain a round and suave cognac. Reduction to 43%vol. with local spring water. Not blended, not colored, not sweetened, not filtered. A single ambition: to reconcile lovers of Speyside single malts with an easy-to-drink cognac. Greedy and flattering nose. In the mouth, tertiary tropical aromas: roasted pineapple, flambéed banana, overripe mango, bourbon vanilla.

Cognac XO Microbarrel 1998 43%vol (bottle of 35cl)

Microbarrique is an atypical XO cognac of the 1998 vintage from a parcel located on Cretaceous strata (middle Cenomanian).

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